If we had to choose one thing that causes us to not live life at our full potential, the culprit would have to be fear. Fear leads to a lack in confidence and it causes a person to divert from an opportunity that is standing right in front of them, even if they know it is the perfect for them. But a specific phobia that seems to affect most people is that of public speaking or simply talking one on one.

Danny Ladwa, founder of School Of Beatbox, says that “if we can learn to be confident with our voice we automatically build our self-confidence in many other areas too”. Danny experienced a stammer (or stutter) as a teenager and found that his love for beatboxing and making music with his voice gave him the level of confidence he needed to go and get life.

So, What Is On Offer For Me

Danny Ladwa and School Of Beatbox have options for people of all ages and abilities. Why not try an online course in learning how to beatbox, for example. You will learn all the fundamental beatbox sounds plus how to add sound effects, bass lines and put it all together into your very own mouth music. Each lesson takes you step-by-step through the exact technique required to make the sound.

If it’s time to break out of the mould, try something new and take control of your journey give School Of Beatbox a try. As well as learning a new creative skill you are sure to have a lot of fun too.

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