Beatboxing is challenging, there’s no doubt about it. It takes years to master, but it is something that you can pick up and perform in just one lesson or workshop. Here at School of Beatbox the people at your event will be set on the road to beatboxing perfection through creative workshops.

While workshops are predominantly for schools and youth groups, School of Beatbox can also deliver our workshops at festivals, community projects or even private functions. Danny Ladwa, owner and founder of School of Beatbox, has been teaching these workshops for 15 years and has been beatboxing for 25 years.

The aim of these creative workshops is to get every student involved in the creative process. Danny will teach the three fundamental sounds in beatboxing – known as The Kick, The Hi-Hat and The Snare – as well as breathing techniques and the addition of more advanced sounds. Each student will be certain of discovering their potential and will be excited to show their new-found skills off.

The workshop will be tailored to both the age range and ability range of the group, so no matter whether your group are schoolkids or working in an office setting, total rookies or advanced beatboxers, you can be sure that the workshop is delivered in the most appropriate tone and manner.

If you would like to contact Danny regarding his creative workshops, please fill in the form on his site. Alternatively, call directly on 0207 888 0203.