The workshop environment is not only a place to learn something new but also a unique space where one can leave all inhibitions at the door. A workshop space has its own atmosphere that is different from the outside world and that is what triggers the magic of learning. Beatbox workshops delivered by School Of Beatbox not only teach this amazing art but create this unique space where a group can dive into the world of beatboxing.

Beatbox Workshops delivered by School Of Beatbox are great for groups of all ages and abilities. Schools, Festivals, Events & Corporate Team Building are all catered for. Danny Ladwa, Founder of School Of Beatbox has been beatboxing for over 25 years and teaching beatboxing for over 15 years.

Heal The World Through Beatboxing

As well as bringing the teaching of human beatboxing to the world, School Of Beatbox are a social enterprise and do tons of work to support great causes. They work with people with disabilities, life threatening illnesses, mental health issues and behavioural issues. Their current outreach project is working with people who stutter (or stammer), something that Danny experienced as a teenager. So when you decide to book beatbox workshops with School Of Beatbox you also decide to support all this great work too!

To find out more or to book a workshop for your school, festival or event, get in touch with School Of Beatbox