Teachers around the world work to find the best methods to teach all kinds of things like music and art. There are many ways to learn a new skill and finding the best class, course or teacher is an important part of the selection process. Danny Ladwa, a UK championship beatboxer and founder of School Of Beatbox has honed his teaching of beatboxing in the workshop environment for over 15 years.  A beatbox workshop by School Of Beatbox can be delivered in an hour, in half-a-day or in a full day and it is extremely important that the content of each workshop is of the highest quality.

An hour may seem like too short a time to teach anything to a decent level but one could be amazed at the amount of knowledge that can be delivered successfully. In a beatbox workshop by School Of Beatbox the imagination is taken on an impactful journey into the world of beatboxing and participants will leave feeling ‘inspired’. That’s for sure!

A Beatbox Workshop With A Difference

A beatbox workshop will usually contain the learning of the physical techniques as well as knowledge about the instrument and some information about the culture that it comes from. It is rare, however, that it will also contain inspiring messages for young people to share their ideas and be more confident in general. Danny says “I feel blessed to be in a position where I can inspire young people to be the best version of themselves. I feel like i’m planting seeds”

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