We all have the potential to do a lot of things. We all have many different locks that we are yet to find the key for. At any age, these skills and attributes can be honed and learned by hard work, opportunity and the help of a professional. While School of Beatbox cannot help to implement hard work, their creative workshops in London can offer you the opportunity and help of a professional.

That professional is Danny Ladwa. He is a UK championship beatboxer and has developed a workshop that is ideal for a number of different situations, clubs and teams across London and the UK. After-school clubs, youth groups, schools, fayres, fetes and more are perfect spaces for a creative workshop to be moulded and suited around the children, teenagers and adults that want to understand this art form.

What is involved in a creative workshop from School of Beatbox?

In any creative workshop will be the foundations that everyone needs to appreciate, understand and catch the bug of beatboxing. Danny Ladwa will lead you through the basic skills required to turn your mouth into the best musical instrument around before teaching you how to craft your own unique sounds through fun and enjoyable activities.

To discover more about the creative workshops in London at School of Beatbox, get in contact with him today.