The ultimate goal of Team Building lies right there in the term itself. It’s hardly a conundrum is it? The right team building activity for you, though, really comes down to what you think your group will walk away from with that ultimate goal of ‘Building The Team’ being reached. If you are looking for something a bit different to put a boost of energy into your team, consider a unique team building day with School Of Beatbox.

Yes you’ve got it right.. your team will be learning the art of human beatboxing or vocal percussion in this unique team building day. School Of Beatbox founder, Danny Ladwa has been beatboxing for over 25 years and teaching for over 15 years. That’s a wealth of knowledge and experience right there.

Add Some Real Creativity To Your Team Building

In a unique team building day run by School Of Beatbox your group will be introduced to the world of beatboxing and swiftly led into the vocal warm ups. You’ll learn the fundamental beatbox sounds, sound effects and you will learn how to put them together. After some awesome group work creating your own rhythms and hearing them over the sound system you will go head to head with your team-mates in the ultimate beatbox showdown to see who will wear the beatbox crown.

The day is full of humour, energy and jaw-dropping beatboxing. To book this activity for your next team building event, get in contact with School Of Beatbox.