People, especially parents, look for ways to increase their children’s confidence and self-esteem levels. There are many activities and groups to choose from but a creative workshop is usually a top pick to boost confidence. A beatbox workshop from School Of Beatbox is sure to boost your confidence if you or someone you know is struggling with this.

To express oneself creatively a person accesses parts of the brain different from the parts we use when we are doing non-creative tasks. We can often find that we enter a very therapeutic and relaxed state of mind when we are creative and it is from this ‘zone’ that some beneficial changes can be made.

In The Workshop

If you’re wondering what to expect in a workshop with School Of Beatbox, well you might be surprised to know that you don’t necessarily need to be put on the spot to boost your confidence. In the workshop you will be taught the basics of beatboxing and will be encouraged to share your musical ideas for the group activities. It is this relaxed, inclusive space that encourages the boost in confidence. Time and time again people leave the workshop feeling more positive and smore confident than when they came in.

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