In an ever more restless world with technology, apps and messaging at our fingertips, the simple need for ‘something to do’ is on the rise. If this is the case for adults, you can be sure that it is tenfold for kids. New engaging, inspiring and nurturing activities for kids are being hunted by parents worldwide.

Thankfully, School Of Beatbox offer fun and educational activities for kids that will keep them occupied while teaching a great new skill. School Of Beatbox teach the art of human beatboxing and let’s face it, kids just love to make noise.

What Type Of Activities Are Available?

Founder of School Of Beatbox, Danny Ladwa has been working with kids for over 15 years delivering beatbox workshops at schools and youth clubs as well as teaching classes online. The activities include learning how to make drum sounds like the bass drum, hi hat and the snare and how to put all the sounds together.

There is also the option to start an online course so that children can login and learn at their own pace. With apps and online gaming becoming increasingly popular, parents and youth workers are searching for online activities for kids that tick all the boxes.

To find out more about what is on offer, get in contact.