With the majority of parents working beyond normal school hours, many parents have to find suitable ways of dealing with this overlap. Hiring childminders, nannies and even reducing the number of hours they work so that they can collect their child from school are not unheard of, of course. After School Clubs are another way to fix this issue and in the most beneficial way it seems.

School Of Beatbox offers after school clubs in London that not only take care of children during this period after school hours. The club, of course, teaches the children something too. In this case children attending the club learn the art of beatboxing and songwriting. How cool is that? They will learn to use their voice like never before to make beats, rhythms, sound effects and compose whole songs.

Working With The Voice Builds Confidence

Danny Ladwa, founder of School Of Beatbox says “Using our own voice is often something that we fear, whether it’s speaking in a small group, in public or performing something. Beatboxing puts everyone in the group on a level playing field, it encourages everyone to listen and to work together. In that way it is great for building confidence”.

Danny has been teaching beatboxing in schools for over 15 years and School Of Beatbox is set to deliver its after school clubs to schools across London in 2020 and beyond.

To find out more about the after school clubs on offer, get in contact with School Of Beatbox