“Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing”. Famously quoted by Theodore Roosevelt, these words ripple through so many life situations with utter truth. With experience and evolution we have learned that it is in the trying, the doing, the challenging that we break through and truly learn so much. Danny Ladwa uses the art of human beatboxing, songwriting and lyric writing in his workshops that help boost your confidence.

Danny set up School Of Beatbox in April 2018 to spread the teachings of beatboxing to the masses and the company has gone from strength to strength. “I can literally see the boost in confidence in people that leave the room from when they entered” says Danny about his workshops and team building days.

Using Beatboxing To Battle A Stammer

When Danny was 12 years old he developed a stammer (or stutter) which challenged his communication with others a lot. It was around the same time that Danny was practicing beatboxing, singing and songwriting with which his stammer did not pose any issues. Danny found the strength and confidence he needed within music, creativity and ironically, his voice and now is on a mission to share this gift with others.

Danny is a UK championship beatboxer and a touring international artist and performer who has taught the art of beatboxing for over 15 years. School Of Beatbox offers different ways of learning beatboxing including an online course, private 1-2-1’s, group workshops for children and adults and team building days.

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