In the summer of 2020 we teamed up with Alexa skills developer Dave Spiller to load up the ‘Beatbox Master‘ Alexa skill with our beatbox lessons PLUS the full history of beatboxing. Yes, so using any Alexa device you can say “Alexa, ask Beatbox Master to teach me about beatboxing” and you’ll have Danny teach you how beatboxing began in the early 80’s.

As the title of this blog post reads though, we have some more exciting news! ‘Beatbox Master‘ got a top 10 place in an Alexa Skills competition called ‘Beyond Voice’. What??? Yes, the judges checked out a range of Alexa skills that combine voice with rich sound, visuals, touch and motion.

We managed to get all the updates uploaded before Xmas 2020. To get this recognition right now while much of the world remains under an uncertain cloud is of course a very welcome positive boost for us.
This boost is for everyone that learns how to beatbox with us too though. The prize money will help to fund further developments of this cool Alexa skill (that teaches not only how to beatbox but also educates on beatbox history) as well as furthering School of Beatbox's core missions and outreach work.

What an awesome way to start the year!

If you've got an Alexa device, you can simply ask 'Alexa, open Beatbox Master' - or go direct to Amazon here.

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