Yesterday we were in the studio laying the foundations of the track ‘Free’ to prepare for the next stage of this project. The creative process has its highs and lows and lots in between.. essentially you go searching for that something that is magic. The first session had it all and was ‘filled’ with moments of magic. Feeling elated! The next stage is working out each part for each singer and getting the vocal training sessions underway.

The Stammer Project began in October 2018 when Danny Ladwa, founder of School Of Beatbox, attended the British Stammering Association conference to deliver a talk on his journey as a beatboxer. He reached out to people he met there to form ‘The Stammering Voice Orchestra’. The song ‘Free’ was originally written by Danny Ladwa and Aoiffe Geary. Recently they invited Pippo De Palma as a third writing partner. Danny experienced a stammer (or stutter) as a teenager and is on a mission to raise awareness about stammering as there are approximately 1% of the worlds population that experience it.

School Of Beatbox sourced funding from Arts Council England to take this project to the next level by having the song recorded, a series of outreach workshops delivered and this vital stage of the journey to be documented and released as a documentary in early 2021.

To find out more, get in contact with School Of Beatbox

Video © Gem Rey

Drums & Studio Engineer – Nikolai Bjerre – Lamb

Bass & Guitar – Pippo De Palma – Loungedelic

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