SOCIAL MISSION: School of Beatbox is a social enterprise. Part of our social mission is to have a material positive impact on young people’s self-esteem and confidence’. 51% of our profits are reinvested into the business to ensure we fulfil this purpose. 


Bringing the best beatboxing lessons to the world is one awesome thing but making a stand and doing something for great causes and issues that need attention is our core mission. School Of Beatbox is a social enterprise which means we are committed to our social focus. One of our social missions is to have a material positive impact on young peoples confidence and self esteem. Other social missions range from working with people from disadvantaged communities to working with people who experience learning or physical disabilities. We use the incredible art of human beatboxing to bring about a better sense of well-being and happiness for people from all walks of life, located all over the world.




We have an ongoing project, working with people who stammer (or stutter). Danny Ladwa, founder of School Of Beatbox, experienced a stammer as a child for around 3 years from the age of 8 and remembers the challenges he faced because of it. Saying his own name felt almost impossible at times. In 2018 he formed 'The Stammering Voice Orchestra', a group of people that experience a stutter to raise awareness about stammering through the power of the voice and music. Danny co-wrote the song 'Free' with Aoife Geary which the group has performed both at the UK Beatbox Championships 2018 & London A'Cappella Festival 2019.

We have gained huge support from 'The Arts Council England' to create a documentary around the story of this group of singers and the full studio recording of the song 'Free'. We also delivered an online workshop - 'Celebrate the Voice' in December 2020 in collaboration with City Lit and Stop Holding Back to uplift, inspire and engage the global stuttering community. With the project being put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic through the summer months of 2020 we decided that we are going to make this project happen pandemic or not. The project began in October 2020 while the Covid-19 restrictions are still very much in place here in London, which has meant rehearsals, vocal training sessions and workshops have moved online. The studio recording will take place as planned (following the Covid regulations).

STAMMER PROJECT - Studio Sessions and Track 'FREE' Complete:
Here's footage from a performance at London A Cappella Festival 2019:
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Here's footage from the debut performance at the 2018 UK Beatbox Championships:
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Danny delivered 16 weeks of FREE online beatbox classes for children on Lockdown from across the globe. Almost 200 children signed up and were split into 2 age groups. It was an incredible experience. Read all about it here!

Weekly Online Group Beatbox Classes For Children - still running! - Sign Up and More Info Here!


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