13yrs-16yrs YOUNG-MID TEENS : Tuesdays 5pm-6pm (beginning on March 15th 2022) 
5yrs-12yrs CHILDREN / PRE-TEENS : Wednesdays 5pm-6pm 
17yrs+ OLDER TEENS / ADULTS : (beginning on March 17th 2022)

So you know a little, young or older someone that likes to beatbox? Are you searching for music activities for children to do? Perhaps it's you that's looking to learn?  Well you can join our weekly online beatbox classes with UK championship beatboxer Danny Ladwa and learn this art alongside others from around the world in your age category. Classes are open to all skill levels from complete beginners to more experienced beatboxers. Weekly lessons will cover some of the basics like how to make the bass drum, hi hat and different snare drum sounds by using your just your mouth and voice. We learn a new rhythm every week and we end each class with the 'freestyle session' where everyone gets the opportunity to share a new beat. Beatboxing is a great way to boost confidence and creativity, develop musicality, song-writing skills, timing and discover new horizons with the voice. After a successful 16 week online programme for children during lockdown (with over 170 children signed up) we have decided to keep these sessions going and they're a hit. We now have 3 classes running for different age groups.

What Are The Benefits Of Joining The Online Weekly Classes?

Led By UK Championship Beatboxer Danny Ladwa
Learn the Art and History of Human Beatboxing
Each Class Is Dedicated To Promoting an Inclusive and Supportive Environment For Everyone
Boosts Confidence & Self-Esteem
Supports Self-Expression & Creativity
Improves Coordination
Promotes Working Well With Others
Improves Listening Skills
Improves Vocal Projection & Breathing
Improves Overall Well-being & Happiness (time and time again participants report how good they feel) 

When Are The Online Classes?

The online beatbox classes run weekly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays at 5pm-6pm (BST / GMT) - 1 Hour. Sign up and tune in from wherever you are. Just be sure to book in for the correct age group.

Where Are The Classes?

Classes take place online via Zoom. Once you book, you will receive a booking confirmation with your Zoom link.

Who Are The Classes For?

We have 3 different online beatbox classes that run for 1 hour each on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The Tuesday class is aimed at children aged between 13yrs - 16yrs. The Wednesday class is for children aged 5yrs - 12yrs. The Thursday class is for older children and adults aged 16yrs+. You are welcome to try a different age category if the day suits you better.

About The Classes

Each week Danny will deliver new material for students to learn and practice while also going over the fundamentals of beatboxing. Whether children or adults are joining as complete beginners or have some beatbox skills already, the classes are designed to cater for all levels and abilities. Everything is taught in carefully constructed stages to make them easy to follow. Beginners will enjoy the more basic stages while more advanced beatboxers can have a go at the more complex stages. This way each class caters for the younger and older children while keeping the whole group engaged. With this structure students can note down all the steps and try the more advanced steps when they are ready. Each class ends with the 'freestyle session' where every participant gets the chance to share a beatbox of their choice.  Classes can be treated as drop-ins ie join for 1 lesson here are there, a few lessons or, like many, attend regularly to become part of this online community of beatboxers! These classes are fun, educational and beneficial for all. 

What Is The Price Of The Class?

You can book a single class for £8 

Or you can book class passes of 3 or 5 classes to pay as little as £6.50 per class.


You can book a block of 3 classes for £21 (£7 per class)

You can book a block of 5 classes for £32.50 (£6.50 per class)

The use of Class Passes is flexible. Once you've purchased a block of 3 or 5 classes, they can be used when you like - you don't have to use them for 3 or 5 consecutive classes. You can also cancel or change the date of a class whenever you like, just ensure you do this before the class starts. 

Photo Credit: Carla Castadiva

Hi! My name is Danny LadwaI'm the founder of School Of Beatbox.

I started beatboxing at the age of 11 and found a way to express myself and my creativity like no other. I used to have a stutter / stammer around that time too and beatboxing gave me back my vocal confidence. Today, I'm a UK championship beatboxer, a recording and touring artist and i've been delivering beatboxing workshops in schools, PRU's, events and festivals for over 15 years. We are a social enterprise with a mission to inspire and engage young people and adults through music and the art of beatboxing.

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