Throughout lockdown in the UK, I ran ‘Lockdown Beatbox Sessions’ for children across the globe. I knew that however the Covid-19 pandemic was going to affect me, there were millions of others that were much worse off.

Belle and Frankie haven’t smiled like that for weeks.
We’re all feeling the strain of living in top of each other in the flat.
They’re feeling sad…and I’m worried about them feeling sad (along with ALL the rest of it) but yesterday they SMILED!!
I remember the moment, pre-lockdown, as I finished the last after-school club session at a local school. It was fairly uncertain whether the school would be open for next weeks session and after speaking with parents it was clear that they were worried about schooling and general structure for their children if the school was to close.

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From The Lockdown Beatbox Sessions

Although I'd run many private 1:1's and webinars online, it was the first time I'd run interactive group lessons online. I set up 'Zoom' (a popular video conferencing tool) and jumped right in. After clearing the initial technical hurdles I understood that it was a very workable solution. I've been amazed at how the children can immerse themselves in the online group sessions and get the feeling that they are in a classroom. It's been a great opportunity for them not only to learn about the art of beatboxing but it's been a place for them to reconnect with their friends and other children their age while learning together.

There were over 170 children that signed up to join the weekly sessions and I scheduled 2 sessions each week. One for the younger children, aged 6 years+ and the other for ages 9 years+. I also had to think about the varying time-zones as many children tuned in from the UK but also from Australia, the US, India, Brazil, Abu Dhabi, France and Denmark. So, I decided on a morning session and an afternoon session to cater for as many children as possible.

Although we are all 'online' in a virtual classroom, each in our own home (or garden, thanks to the great weather in the UK for the most part of the lockdown) the vibrancy and pure energy of the children permeates each and every space. The joy can be seen and felt and it's such a blessing to have received such warming messages from appreciative parents.

My 9 yr daughter has been attending some of Danny's beatbox classes during lockdown and has really enjoyed them. It's given her something new to try in between the home school work set! Danny is excellent with the kids and is really encouraging and patient. Thouroughly recommend!

My son had a fab experience with Danny and the Lockdown beatbox series ... love how he gets to express his passion for beatboxing in a warm and welcoming online environment. It's been a great series of lessons and he's learnt new skills and practices them often.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The sessions were free of charge although I'm grateful to those that were able to also support by contributing via donations. I'm so glad that I got the sessions underway as it was an anchor for me personally too and something that I looked forward to delivering each week.

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