School Of Beatbox – FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

The online beatboxing course is suitable for adults and children that can understand and follow clear instruction. Although younger children have enjoyed the course, we recommend it for children from 9+ years. The complete online beatboxing course is perfect for complete beginners, people who have some beatbox experience and even more advanced beatboxers.
Danny Ladwa is a UK Championship Beatboxer and has been beatboxing since the age of 11. Currently he has 25 years of beatboxing experience under his belt including 15 years of teaching the art. He is also a songwriter, singer and music mentor with 5 years international touring experience (USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, India, Japan, Costa Rica, Panama, Brazil…). Danny released his debut solo album ‘Unfolding’ in 2015 and continues to write, record, perform and release new material. World renown beatboxer 'NAPOM' also teaches lessons to 'Xtreme' members only.
BEATBOX Essentials - Contents: This is the first section of the course teaching you all the essentials sounds and techniques to get you started on your beatboxing journey. Lessons include more snare sounds including 'The PF Snare', 'The 808 Snare' and 'The Rimshot Snare'. You will also learn 3 excellent drum fills, your first bass sounds and how to put all these sounds together into rhythms. BEATBOX Xtra - Contents: 'BEATBOX Xtra' contains everything in the Essentials part of the course plus loads of sound effects including 'Throat Bass', 'The Buzz', 'The Pop', 'The Vocal Scratch' and the 'Dance Bass'. You will also learn how to put each sound effect into a rhythm PLUS 3 brand new rhythms. BEATBOX Xtra+ - Contents: 'BEATBOX Xtra+' contains everything in 'Beatbox Xtra' plus Monthly Beatbox Webinars where we look at skills and techniques in more detail. BEATBOX Xtreme - Contents: BEATBOX Xtreme is the complete beatbox course containing all the lessons in both 'BEATBOX Essentials' and 'BEATBOX Xtra' plus even more sounds including standalone show-stoppers like 'The Build Up', 'The Flying Object', 'The Motorbike', 'The Violin', 'The Electric Guitar' and how to make your voice sound like a machine. In this Xtreme package you will also be invited to monthly webinars where we look at different sounds and techniques more closely. You will also have access to world famous beatboxer 'NAPOM'. Once you are logged in you will also be able to download the School Of Beatbox Handbook with some beatbox history plus more tips to help you on your beatbox journey.
These are the ‘Bass’ or ‘Kick’ drum sound, the ‘Hi-Hat’, and the ‘Snare’. The reason these are the fundamental sounds is because you can make almost any type of rhythm using only these 3 sounds. Other sounds like sound effects, fills, singing etc are additional layers that you add. There are various snare sounds that you will learn on the beatbox course including ‘The Rim-Shot’, ‘The Inward Snare’, ‘The PF Snare’ and ‘The Classic 808 Snare’.
Fills are simple sounds that we make that act like bridges between other, usually more complicated, beatbox sounds. Using fills is an amazing way to make your beatboxing sound a lot more professional and intricate. In this beatbox course we use a fill consisting of the sounds ’t’ and ‘k’.
If you have purchased the 'BEATBOX Xtra+' or 'BEATBOX Xtreme' course you will have access to 1 beatbox webinar each month. The webinars will go into more detail over important beatbox techniques to help you master the art of beatboxing. Some webinars will feature special guest beatboxers teaching their favourite tricks and techniques as well as other exclusive content.
Very simply. You just need to purchase your lesson/s from the private lessons page then get in touch so we can schedule in suitable dates and times. We are pretty flexible and usually have no problem finding times that suit. We tend to do the lessons over either 'Zoom' or 'Skype'. We are open to other options depending on what works best. Online lessons mean that we can work with students from pretty much anywhere in the world.
Absolutely. If you have been looking for creative gift ideas, look no further as this beatbox course is sure to make someone very happy indeed. Once you've purchased the course, just login to download your gift certificate. Further instructions will be made clear when completing your purchase.
Yes you will need an internet connection to access the course.
Yes, you just need to have internet access and you can access the course on any smart phone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer.
Yes you can cancel your membership at any time and your payments will immediately stop. You will no longer have access to your course once your payment cycle has ended.
Absolutely. You can use the form on the contact page, email [email protected] or call +44 (0) 203 888 0207 within our working hours.
The online courses are purchasable and accessible 24/7. If you would like to contact us by phone, our usual working hours are 9am-5:30pm Mon-Fri & 10am-3pm Sat (UK time).
School Of Beatbox is a Social Enterprise and puts a minimum of 10% of profits into fantastic outreach projects that touch the lives of many. This means that when you purchase an online beatbox package, workshop, unique team building day etc you are also supporting some great work that we do for the community. You can find out more information about our outreach projects here