Danny Ladwa’s Summer Beatbox Workshops with A London-Based Theatre Company

The summer holidays are a time of joy and creativity for children, and this year, the young talents of Leyton, Nunhead, and Teddington were in for a treat. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Danny Ladwa from the 'School Of Beatbox,' the summer of 2023 will be remembered as a season filled with rhythm, laughter, and unforgettable beatboxing experiences. Danny Ladwa returned to the workshop arena for 'Infinite Jest Theatre Company,' and once again, his beatboxing workshops proved to be a resounding success.

Back For More Beatbox Fun

Infinite Jest Theatre Company had the pleasure of working with Danny Ladwa the previous year, and they were thrilled to have him back for another round of beatbox workshops. This time, Danny delivered four half-day sessions, each catering to different groups of children between the ages of 5 to 11. These workshops were held during the week beginning on August 7th, setting the stage for a memorable summer for the lucky youngsters.

Danny's Enthusiasm and Teaching Approach

Henry Everett, the founder of Infinite Jest, had nothing but praise for Danny Ladwa. He described Danny as brilliant with children of this age group, capturing their attention from the very beginning with his boundless enthusiasm, twinkle in his eye, and his sense of humor. Danny not only shared the wonders of his beatboxing journey but also engaged the children actively in learning beatbox sounds and techniques.

"Danny ran four two-hour workshops at our drama camps last week (w/b 7th August) for some very lucky 5 to 11 year olds in Leyton, Nunhead, and Teddington. Danny is absolutely brilliant with this age group; the children were gripped from start to finish. He bursts with enthusiasm, twinkle, and humour. He tells his beatboxing story with joy and wonder - he's living the dream - and then very cleverly gets the children making sounds, beating out different rhythms, and performing. Everyone is given a go, no one is left out, everyone is given special Danny attention and applauded for their efforts. There is a tremendous wow factor when Danny demonstrates his incredible skill. Danny is a perfect combination of excellent teacher and amazing showman! He's also really good to work with - responds to emails/texts really promptly, explains the fee very clearly, nothing is too much to ask. We can't wait to have him back at our drama camps." As far as 'Glowing Reviews' go, this one has got to be up there with the very best. Thanks Henry!

Creativity Unleashed: From Sounds to Songs

The highlight of each workshop was when the children had the opportunity to step up to the microphone and try their hand at beatboxing. Under Danny's expert guidance, they explored various rhythms, practiced beatbox sounds, and gave their all. The culmination of each session was an exhilarating experience, as the children recorded their voices into the loop station, crafting their unique songs from the sounds they had created.

A Grand Finale for Parents

The summer workshops concluded on a high note with a special session where parents were invited to witness Danny showcase his beatboxing skills as. This final performance was not only an opportunity for the children to showcase their newfound talents but also a chance for parents to witness the magic of Danny Ladwa's beatboxing up close.

These sessions brought joy, creativity, and inspiration to children during the summer holidays. Danny's beatboxing workshops were more than just lessons; they were unforgettable experiences where children were able to experiment with their voices and make them into something special. As the summer sun set, the echoes of beatboxing rhythms and laughter lingered, reminding everyone of the extraordinary summer they had shared. 

A Grand Finale for Parents

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