One of the most popular current trends is the use of online tutorial videos to show people quickly and informatively how to do something. It could be how to get an oil stain out of clothes or how to top up the pressure in a boiler. Isn’t it amazing that people are turning to the power of ‘online’ to take on new hobbies or even professions too. For example, if you wanted to learn how to beatbox you could search for the best beatbox tutorial to teach you how it’s done. Danny Ladwa is a UK championship beatboxer with over 25 years experience as a beatboxer and he has designed an online course with all the lessons you need to learn. Each lesson is it’s own detailed beatbox tutorial teaching you how to make that particular sound. 

Students anywhere in the world can choose from the ‘BEATBOX Essentials’, ‘BEATBOX Xtra’ or ‘BEATBOX Xtreme’ package. ‘BEATBOX Xtreme’  comes monthly beatbox webinars. Online learning allows people the freedom to learn at their own pace and often go through the course in the order that suits them.

Not just a beatbox tutorial 

Danny set up School Of Beatbox in April 2018 after teaching the art for 15 years and beatboxing for 25 years. School Of Beatbox has options to suit everyone from the online beatbox course to private 1-2-1 lessons and workshops. His aim was to encapsulate all his experience and knowledge about the art form and deliver it in one package whether it be an online course, a private 1-2-1 lesson or a workshop. People of all ages are enjoying learning the art of beatboxing, you could start your beatbox journey today.

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