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Our after school clubs offer fun, interactive programmes specifically designed to develop and enhance pupil's confidence, creativity and vocal expression. Over these creative sessions, pupils will learn the 3 fundamental beatbox sounds, sound effects, musical instrument sounds, breathing techniques, listening techniques, rhythms and beat patterns, lyric writing skills, music composition skills and performance skills.


What Are The Key Benefits Of These After School Clubs?

  • Teaches The Art Of Human Beatboxing
  • Teaches How To Write Lyrics & Songs
  • Boosts Confidence & Self Esteem
  • Promotes Working Well With Others
  • Inspires Creativity
  • Improves Listening Skills
  • Improves Creative Writing Skills
  • Writing Lyrics Is A Great Revision Tool
  • Supports Self-Expression & Creativity
  • Improves Vocal Projection
  • Improves Coordination
  • Improves Overall Well-Being


If You Are A School?

As we have all our own equipment necessary to run these clubs, it is very easy for us to start running this at your school. We can tailor the length of the programme whether it is weekly, termly or another particular number of sessions that suit. If you are interested in us running our after school club at your school, please get in touch.


If You Are A Parent or Guardian?

If you are a parent or guardian and would like your child to attend one of our after school clubs, please get in touch and register your interest. We will do all we can to make it possible for your child to have access to one of these clubs. If there is enough interest in or around a specific area, we will consider hiring a suitable space to run the club.


How Much Does It Cost To Attend An After School Club?

As each programme is different in a number of ways (location, number of children, number of sessions) the cost varies. We try and ensure that the cost per child is fair and affordable.

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Janelle Joseph, Heber Primary School, London

By the end of the session the children were entertained, had learnt a new skill, practiced their teamwork and engaging skills, had lots of fun and had composed a musical piece using their own human resources.

Ian Baggott, Chellaston Academy, Derby

The students really enjoyed their beatbox session, a large part of that was because Danny was very enthusiastic and thorough in his workshop and he broke the session down in a way to make it easy for all to understand. I would definitely recommend him to other schools not just for musical reasons, but also for building confidence and improving literacy skills.

Fiona Davey, Haseltine Primary School, London

Danny is incredibly talented and the children were captivated by his performance in assembly. He delivered a great message too about the children nurturing their talents. A thoroughly enjoyable day - thank you!.

Sooree Pillay, New Art Exchange, Nottingham

Apart from being an incredibly talented musician, Danny Ladwa has a warmth and way of sharing his skills which gives everyone in the room a space to share, learn and explore with eagerness and confidence.

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