100% of Our Customers Said They Would Recommend School of Beatbox as a High Quality Workshop Provider

This is music to our ears. 

We are driven by the positive, and constructive, feedback we receive to keep on inspiring people while providing high quality experiences for all.

Here's a list of our favourite comments from the year, collected from feedback forms from customers who have received our beatbox workshops and beatbox activities. The comments are from both online and face-to-face activities.

Thanks Danny - you are brilliant and a great workshop host. We will always hire you again.

It was a real change of pace from our usual work so I think that the session was a great point of escapism for the team members whilst having fun and learning a cool skill!

I noticed one of the participants did not want to speak or share at the beginning of the session, however by the end of the session her confidence had grown to share her beat boxing with the group. Another participant who can only manage 20 to 30 minute online lessons stayed for the whole hour session and was super focused and engaged answering questions and sharing his beat boxing.

A group of teenagers was always going to be difficult convincing everyone to get involved but the workshop went down well on the whole. Danny was so good at engaging the group and keeping up the energy and momentum of the workshop, even when the group were being less responsive!

By the end they were all laughing and that was the intention. Good fun!

Sometimes getting him to stop beatboxing so he can eat his breakfast or brush his teeth is tricky. That's not really a negative - I'm stretching here.

It was so so much fun!

Great job, Danny! We were a tough crowd and a little nervous to participate, but everyone who attended loved it and learned a lot!

Everyone really enjoyed this unique session!

Danny is a phenomenal person and very thoughtful and has a special way of connecting with the kids, inspiring them and making it fun.

Amazing lessons. My son would not have otherwise been able to access such support. Great lessons and has improved my son's skills and self confidence.

The pupils confidence in their own ability and a confidence in sharing that skill has grown immeasurably.

Trying to engage online is tricky particularly with interactive workshops but the young people were sold and seeing there confidence grow was brilliant

Increased self-confidence, well-being, team building, sense of accomplishment

More engaged in music lessons

They enjoyed it and learned some cool things about beat boxing. Danny was really lovely with the kids.

All the pupils had smiles on their faces and were eager to talk more about the session in their form time at the end of the day.

It has enabled some of the students to 'bond' over their beat boxing experiences. It has helped to re engage some students who thought music was 'boring'. It has also encouraged some students to sign up for the talent show!

Danny was a breath of fresh air during our lockdown sessions. His energy and enthusiasm was fantastic and both children and staff absolutely LOVED the workshop.

Danny Ladwa's Beatboxing Zoom workshop was phenomenal. From initial set up communication to payment information, Danny was an excellent and timely communicator. During his 1-hour Beatboxing workshop, he masterfully engaged our high school students (which is challenging to do over Zoom) and managed to get even the "shy kids" to participate. He was positive and energetic, and is an incredible performer. If you have an opportunity to book Danny for a workshop, your kids will LOVE IT!!!!!

being a small group is hard as you feel exposed and this is even more exaggerated when online but they all began to come out of there shells which was great to see.

Theses sessions were incredible. Danny delivered them at the right level and inspired them with his story and demonstration of the skills. It was the perfect addition to our enrichment activities.

An outstanding workshop that was well delivered and engaged students who are normally difficult to come out of their comfort zone.

If you would like to book a beatbox workshop or other beatbox activity, get in contact with School of Beatbox here.

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